It might look like I’m in the writing zone this morning (this is my third post), but actually I’m procrastinating.  (Procrastinate.  Another great word.  “To postpone doing what one should be doing”.  And here are the links from the Visual Thesaurus).


I’m supposed to be writing a long essay today as part of my course on the culture of the Highlands and Islands.  It’s an interesting topic but I’m doing anything I can to avoid having to start.  Blogging has been a nice distraction this morning.  I’ll have to try some more drastic measures now though.

Perhaps find that the grass needs cutting.  Give the kitchen a good clean.  Make a pot of soup perhaps?  Oh and then there’s that cupboard I’ve been meaning to clear out for ages… It’s amazing how domesticated I become when there’s a big writing task I’m putting off.  It’s the only time these chores are remotely interesting to me - although maybe there are some spin-off benefits (a tidier house).

What are you favourite distractions when you’re procrastinating?  What techniques do you use to force yourself to sit down and write?

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