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Writing the world

I’m just back from a few days at the Ullapool Book Festival and a few days walking on Skye.  Lots of ideas and inspiration from both, including some great reflections on the value and purpose of writing. Here’s a comment that I picked up from one of the discussion sessions.  It was a timely reminder [...]

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Another 5 blockbusters

The Problogger group writing project generated a staggering 893 submissions - which maybe confirms the view that bloggers are like pets, and will do anything for the promise of a treat… Seriously though there were some good posts in there and I’m sure that all of us that took part have been enjoying the benefits [...]

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Top 5 tips for beating blogger’s block

“Writing is easy” said journalist Gene Fowler.  “All  you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” We might be staring at a blank screen nowadays but the feeling of frustration is just the same.  So what can you do if you get hit by blogger’s [...]

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It might look like I’m in the writing zone this morning (this is my third post), but actually I’m procrastinating.  (Procrastinate.  Another great word.  “To postpone doing what one should be doing”.  And here are the links from the Visual Thesaurus). I’m supposed to be… Continue reading

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Magical metaphors

I’m a big fan of metaphors so I’m really looking forward to the series on ‘blogging metaphorically’ that Brian Clark has just started at Copyblogger.  In the introduction he reminds us that: Metaphors allow you to make the complex simple and the controversial palatable. Conversely, metaphors allow you to create extraordinary meaning out of the [...]

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