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The long and short of it: how long should a blog post be?

One of the things I like about blog writing is that it is a format that encourages brevity.  This certainly helps me both crystallise my thoughts and practice the key writing skills of sticking to the point and editing ruthlessly…! I also appreciate the short-and-to-the-point format as a reader.  It allows you to dip into [...]

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Good things, when short, are twice as good

Quotes on the power of brevity.

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Spelling beliefs

No, not a post about how to spell the word ‘belief’ (though it can be tricky), but the beliefs we hold about spelling… I was doing some background reading ahead of the dyslexia coaching course I’m going on next week, including a quick dip into the work that Robert Dilts has done on spelling strategies.  [...]

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The challenge of dyslexia

I’m heading off to Glasgow for three days next week to do the ‘Dyslexia Coaching Mastery’ course run by NLP Scotland.  I’m really looking forward to it as they have bags of experience in the application of NLP and other techniques to help people who have been labelled as dyslexic.  I think most of their [...]

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The secret of great writers

More from Ullapool.  One of the things I really enjoyed about this Book Festival was the intimacy and informality of the surroundings.  A storytelling session in a cafe.  A talk in the village hall.  Four poets sharing their words and ideas in a small cottage on an island (no electricity, no running water, a freezing [...]

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