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Writing with rapport: courting your reader

I was talking recently about ways that we can write to create rapport with our readers, and, in the longer term to build a relationship of trust.  This is linked to the concept of pacing and leading - starting ‘where they are at’ (pacing them) in order to build rapport, establish trust, and then - [...]

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Writing with a ballpoint

I’ve just started reading “Under Brinkie’s Brae” by George MacKay Brown.  It’s a collection of pieces written for his monthly column in “The Orcadian” in the 1970s.  I love the writing style - short, crisp, full of illuminating observations on the tiny things of daily life.  (I found myself… Continue reading

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Reading reviews of your book

My first book was published last year: a collection of short walks on Skye.  It was very much a labour of love and although I am extremely proud to be an author of a published work, I was never expecting to receive much in the way of… Continue reading

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Dyslexia coaching course

Well the dyslexia coaching course that I was on earlier this week was great - but so engrossing that there wasn’t time to blog about it as I went along.  It was one of those events that really got your mind going, firing you up with the possible applications of  your learning.  (Actually maybe you [...]

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Writing with rapport: being real

One of the the things I’m keen to do through this blog is explore how to write with rapport.  Rapport is a key element of coaching and NLP and I’m looking forward to transferring some of the ideas, principles, practices and techniques from these spheres to the business of writing.  (You can read more on [...]

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