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Another 5 blockbusters

The Problogger group writing project generated a staggering 893 submissions - which maybe confirms the view that bloggers are like pets, and will do anything for the promise of a treat… Seriously though there were some good posts in there and I’m sure that all of us that took part have been enjoying the benefits of new links, readers, comments and connections.

I’ve picked out five that relate to my post on beating blogger’s block, with ideas, tips, suggestions and novel ideas for overcoming blogger’s or indeed other forms of writer’s block.  In no particular order we have:

#1 Shut up and write (I think he’s talking to himself - not you…) 5 top tips on what to do when the paper begins to laugh at you.

#2 Writing for the net - some good introductory tips for getting over blocks and barriers including the old familiar chestnut ‘I can’t write’

#3 Songwriter’s block - what can bloggers and other writers learn from the art of songwriting?  I particularly liked the suggestion to ‘mash words together’, with some intriguing examples - you can almost hear the songs starting to be sung…

#4 Write like a comedian - five top tips from the Copyrwriting Maven on the application of comedy writing to the creation of good copy

#5 Last but not least, block busting tips and techniques from the readers of Confident Writing:

  • Get away from your writing.  Sleep, play video games, go for a walk in the park.
  • Keep posts short (and to the point)
  • Write often - so the fear of writing or the need to create the ‘perfect’ post doesn’t overwhelm you
  • Capture every idea you have the minute you get it
  • Bite your fingers off (= last resort if if all other suggestions fail!)

Thanks to everyone who commented and called by.  Your interest is what (blog) writing is all about, and it fuels the motivation that keeps blogger’s block at bay :)

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  1. Eli James says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post, Joanna. =)

  2. Emma Bird says:

    Oooh, these are good suggestions. Especially biting the fingers if all else fails :-)