10 Posts on Finding Your Writing Voice

One of the best things about blogging and social media is that it’s a great way for you to find and develop your writing voice.

Here are 10 posts on things you can do to find your voice:

Find Out Who You Are and Do It on Purpose

7 ways that writing can help you to ‘find out who you are’ as a precursor to ‘doing it on purpose’ (a quote from Dolly Parton).  Learning from your writing, listening to feedback, reflecting on the lines of poetry that you love, and more.

When You Can’t Find Your Writing Voice

Some practical suggestions for things you can do to experiment, listen, and trust your own words.

Enjoy the buzz of instant feedback.  There’s a time for private journal writing but when you’re ready why not experiment with writing a blog.  There’s nothing like it in terms of instant feedback, reactions, comments, affirmation, validation, challenge.  It can turbo charge your writing

On Losing and Finding Your Voice

How I lost (and found) my writing voice.

Embark on the journey of discovery, whatever that means for you. Learn, consciously and joyfully about what happens to you along the way. Write and write and write – your own words, your own experience.

How to Become a Fire-Breathing Writing Dragon

A defining post on Confident Writing.

We don’t need to wait for permission to do write.  Hope that someone will come along who has faith, who believes in us, who’ll spot our hidden potential.

We just need to know our own power. The ability to breathe out fire.

Stop Apologising for the Things You’ve Never Done

Tell-tale signs that your writing has become over-apologetic - a sure-fired way to quash your writing voice.

10 Ways to Write without Apology

Practical suggestions for cutting the apologies out of your writing and expressing yourself with a clear, confident voice.

How Purpose Beats the Inner Critic

Sometimes it’s hard to write like yourself if your inner critic is rampaging and telling you to keep quiet.  In this post I explore ways you can get round the inner critic by setting a powerful, positive intention.

Are You Tuning in to Positive Feedback?

Learning to listen to and receive the positive feedback about your words and writing, as a way of accepting and recognising the power of your own writing voice.

The Freedom of Good Enough Writing

Getting rid of perfectionism and finding your voice by allowing your writing to be good enough.

10 Things to Start and One Thing to Stop

How we can get in our own writing road, and how to get out of your own way.


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