Don’t Stay Stuck

If you’re feeling stuck:

at the beginning

just beyond the start, at the abyss of what’s next

in a morass of too many words

because the inner critic’s got way too loud

in loss of confidence

in the belief that you’re not creative

in doubts about your right to write

in knowing how to give your words some punch, some oomph

in finding the next step

in reconnecting to your writing self

in finding your writing voice

in getting back to what matters

in writing beyond the dream of being a writer

without the time to write

in disbelief

in comparisons with all the clever, soulful voices on the web

in the trap of perfectionism

I can help.

My specialism is helping people to write, again, or for the first time, when they’ve got stuck in doubts and dis-belief.

It’s a coaching process: questions, listening, noticing, asking, reflecting, challenging, nudging, provoking, walking alongside you.

I have been through all kinds of doubts and creative anguish just to better help with yours!

I do not offer pat solutions, but will work with you from where you’re at, to get you unstuck.

(Writing is unutterably tied up with identity. So there’s not much point giving you suggestions on how to write without getting to know you, where you’re at, where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how writing fits into the mix.)

A don’t stay stuck session costs £60 (approx $95) for an hour’s coaching call + associated email conversation and exchange. Within that I can take a look at things you’re  writing or drafting (including the things you’re rejecting as hopeless and terrible…)

That doesn’t mean detailed feedback and editing (unless you’re looking for that over and above) but I know it does make a big difference to have one other person look at your stuff and offer (constructive) comment before you let it loose into the world.

If you’re interested please just drop me a line via the contact form. I look forward to hearing from you :-)

PS Don’t stay stuck!